Women in our community

This picture which was taken some time in the early 1960’s which has a lot of significance as far as women and Islam is concerned. Most of the world and a vast majority of  NGO’s are taking up causes to  raise a higher moral, social, or cultural level or condition among today’s women. I believe that women in our Jamat and in this case our village were given equal status and respect as men in most cases. Ladies were allowed to voice their opinion and participate in public speaking majority of the times.

I know of Kulsum bai Akbar Lanani,  she was in charge of our health center that operated out of the Jamat khana since 1970. Later on in the years about 1990 a dedicated infirmary was opened by the Aga khan health services.  Aminaben Mema ( mother of Noorji Mema Maknojia. House opposite Jamat Khana) was another female personality who took care of all expectant ladies and helped deliver babies at home. Back then in the early 60 and 70’s  there was no proper means of transportation to Sidhpur and local Doctors in the village were virtually  non existent.

Here is a link to some old pictures http://www.manpura.com/album/